Артикал: SSD/HDD Caddy + External rack
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Put your SSD or HDD in place of the optical drive in your notebook and use your optical drive as an external optical drive with the supplied external rack for optical drives.

SSD/HDD Caddy for notebook ODD slot + External rack for Notebook ODD 12.7mm Black

USB Case:
* Aluminum alloy case, black color
* Easy to assemble, push out the ODD or HDD through a button, make ODD and HDD interchange conveniently
*Apply to assemble standard 12.7mm SATA ODD/E-SUN HD1201-SS 2nd HDD caddy
* SupportWindow2K/XP/2003/Vista/7, Linux, Mac 10 OS Systems
* USB2.0 or 3.0 for your chioce

HDD/SSD Caddy:
* Height:12.7mm
* Interface:SATA(ODD)-SATA(HDD)
* Bezel:can meet the original
* Size(L*W*H):129*128*12.7mm
* Same as the common optical drive
* HDD/SSD support:2.5-inch notebook hard drive with SATA or SATA2
* Compatible Model: New models of HP, DELL, ACER, BenQ, Asus, Lenovo, Great Wall and all the SATA drive interfaces (12.7mm) machine are applicable

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